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Home Insurance in Faribault, Kenyon, Northfield

Homeowner’s insurance provides coverage for losses occurring to your home, its contents, and those that result from living expenses. It also can provide liability insurance for accidents that may happen at your home. At Heine Insurance Agency, Inc. we know your home is the probably the most important investment you will make. We can help you find the right policy for you at the right price.

When purchasing a new home, many lenders require you to have a home insurance policy—so why not get the best type from Heine Insurance Agency? While each policy is customized, most provide broad coverage for damage to the house and structures on the property, damages to personal property, stolen jewelry, injuries that may happen to you due to exposures in your home, and additional costs for a covered loss (for example, if you must live somewhere else temporarily after a fire).

There are plans specific to your living situation and Heine Insurance Agency in Faribault has a policy for each. If you live in a single-family home, you probably need standard homeowners insurance.  For residents of a condo or co-op, these policies include specifics such as coverage for accidents a neighbor may have in your unit. If you rent out a home to someone else or rent an additional property you don’t live in (such as a vacation home), we have special coverage catered to your needs.

Speak to our professionals and get the policy you’re looking for from Heine Insurance Agency.